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Double Face Adhesive Tape

Double face adhesive tape is ideal for semi-permanent rubber flooring installations or for "tacking" rubber rolls and tiles to the subfloor. The 3.5"-wide tape features a convenient release paper for easy application and handy, red centerlines for aligning to chalk lines and centering floor seams. Solvent- and mastic-free, this tape is odorless, waterproof and freeze/thaw stable. It can be installed over a variety of substrates, including: concrete, ceramic, brick, wood, slate and metal. Double face adhesive tape is not for use on asphalt surfaces. For permanent rubber flooring installations, see Ultimate Systems' recommended polyurethane floor adhesive.

Ultimate Systems offers this double face adhesive tape in single, 75-foot (22.86 m) rolls or by the case (8 rolls).

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Odorless, Solvent-Free and Mastic-Free
Waterproof and Freeze/Thaw Stable
Includes Release Paper and Centerline
Provides Aggressive Bond On Multiple Surfaces Including Cement and Wood
Adhesive Tape Detail Image
Tape Roll Coverage Area Chart
Double Face Adhesive Tape Data Sheet
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