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BetcoŽ ExtremeŽ Floor Stripper

Reduce labor and cut stripping time in half with powerful BetcoŽ ExtremeŽ Floor Stripper. The high power, fast acting formula provides deep penetration into old floor finishes and does not require machine scrubbing. Simple mop agitation dissolves the toughest finishes, permitting fast pick-up with a mop or wet vac. BetcoŽ ExtremeŽ Floor Stripper is ideal for small, confined areas where floor scrubbers cannot travel. The no-rinse, low pH formulation actually leaves your floor free of alkalinity and ready for a new application of floor finish without the traditional labor step of neutralizing the floor. BetcoŽ Floor Stripper is commonly used in schools, hospitals, universities, fitness clubs, and a variety of different environments where Ultimate Systems rubber flooring is installed.

Ultimate Systems offers BetcoŽ ExtremeŽ Floor Stripper in 1-gallon (3.78L) jugs or by the case (4 gallons).

High Power, Low Odor Formulation
Fast Acting and Dissolves Finish
with No Machine Scrubbing
No Neutralizing Rinse Required
Reduces Labor & Cuts Stripping Time in Half
Floor Stripper Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
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